Groups Arriving by Car

The following information is for groups arriving by car:

  • The group leader should make every effort to arrive before other group members start to arrive.
  • The group leader should stop at the admissions booth in the driveway to pick-up the ticket and receive directions to the parking lot and Visitors Center.
  • At the Visitors Center, the group leader should check-in at the information desk.
  • A two-part ticket with information about your group's visit will be sent with your group confirmation packet.  Copies of this ticket should be made and provided to each member of the group to bring with them.  
  • As the group arrives, each car should stop at the admissions booth and present their ticket to the Visitor Services Representative.  They will then be directed to the parking lot and Visitors Center where they should meet the group leader.
  • Please be sure that all members of your group know what name the resrevation has been made under.
  • The group should be divided into groups of no more than 14.
  • Once all members of the group have arrived and have been divided into the groups of 14 the group leader should let the Visitor Services Representative at the information desk know that the group is ready to start their tours.

PLEASE NOTE:  Groups arriving by car will only receive group rate if the group leader pays for all the tickets one week prior to arrival.  (Our normal group payment policy.)  No group discount will be offered if your group wishes to have each member pay on their own upon arrival, .