College Studio Residency


College Studio Residency 

Are you studying design, visual arts or architecture? Are you curious about the design process? Do you need to build a portfolio of creative work? Then join us for this eight-day studio residency for students age 19 years or older.

The Fallingwater College Residency is designed as an intensive retreat for students who would like to explore the work of Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterwork, Fallingwater. During the program, students will learn how the principles used in the design of Fallingwater can inform contemporary design practices.

Students in this program will be exposed to traditional elements of a design-build studio, typical of courses required in architecture, design and the visual arts. The intended outcome is the creation of a furniture project, to be sited in Fallingwater or the adjacent guest house, suitable for a design portfolio. Students will sketch, photograph, draw and build while taking part in an immersive study of Fallingwater. Faculty and assistants will guide students through conceptual ideas and sketches to execution and documentation of the final work. Students also have the opportunity to photograph their final design interventions inside the house.

This learning opportunity is perfect for students in the fields of architecture and design, but also for non-designers who are seeking an opportunity to broaden their personal experience.

The course is led by Aron Temkin, dean and professor of architecture at Norwich University and Eyrich Stauffer, awarded woodworker, furniture designer and tree house builder based out of Berlin, Vt.

•    Fallingwater’s architecture will inspire students to think in terms of design, accompanied by      material exploration and a critical discussion of craft.
•    Students will create drawings, photographs and a unique piece of furniture.
•    Students will be led by dedicated studio faculty for the design and execution of their      projects,and engage in rich scholarly discussions.
•    Students will receive a design critique and review.
•    Excursions to other pertinent sites in the region will be provided.

Student residents live dormitory-style at High Meadow, Fallingwater’s new educational facility. The highlands setting, with unsurpassed views of nearby Laurel Ridge, will recharge your creativity. We hold classes at the adjacent open-air studio and onsite at Fallingwater. Meals are included.

College students with a focus in digital design, printed design, visual art or a creative writing portfolio and have completed their freshman year, or later, are eligible to apply. We limit enrollment to 12 students each year.

Registration is now closed for 2017.

For more information, contact Ashley Andrykovitch, Curator of Education at