Guidelines for Your Visit

Allow enough travel time to be able to arrive about 30 minutes ahead of your tour time.  Give your students time to use the public restrooms at the Visitor Center, since there are no such facilities in Fallingwater.

  • Have students travel lightly! We cannot accommodate book bags or any large parcels inside Fallingwater.
  • We are a carry-in/carry-out facility. We do not have public trash receptacles; when you arrive, remind students to leave their trash on the bus. It’s best to bring along a few plastic garbage bags to fill and take back home with you.
  • It is a 1⁄4 mile walk to Fallingwater from the Visitor Center.  During the tour, you climb over 100 steps.  If you have any students with mobility concerns or special needs, please discuss this with the Public Tour Assistant ahead of time so we can help with logistics.
  • Be prepared for the weather! Some of our activities and a portion of the house tours are outside, rain or shine. If it’s cold outside, expect it to be colder here.
  • Leave your own umbrellas on the bus. Much of the damage to the woodwork in Fallingwater has come from rainwater dripped from visitors’ clothing and umbrellas. On rainy days, we will issue you dry umbrellas to use on your walk to and from Fallingwater.
  • Like all museums, we do not permit visitors to carry food or drink in the historic house.
  • Buses must turn off their engines while parked in order to save our natural environment.
  • Photography is not permitted at any time during the tour, unless you have booked an In-Depth tour. We encourage quick sketching, as long as students can keep up with the pace of the tour.
  • Let your tour guide know what the class has been studying, and on what topics you would like the guide to focus. Our guides love questions!  Encourage your students to ask some.
  • Encourage the students to respect the landscape as much as the house. Remind them to stay on paths at all times.
  • We welcome students to visit our Museum Store.  Or we are happy to provide you with a list of popular items before your visit so students can shop (with a discount!) before they arrive and pick up once they are on site. We have a wide variety of items priced from .95 and up. Due to limited space we ask that you allow one group of 14 or fewer students to enter the shop at one time. We also ask that the chaperone for the group remain with the students while shopping. Allow 15 minutes per group to shop.

Guidelines for Chaperones

We rely on chaperones to help make your students’ Fallingwater visit a safe and pleasant one. Thank you for volunteering to help! Please read the following guidelines carefully before your tour:

  • Students on West TerraceThere must be at least one adult with each group of 13  students entering Fallingwater.
  • Identify yourself to the tour guide before the tour starts.
  • Please remember that the tour is for the students and you are here to help them enjoy it.
  • Don’t answer questions that are intended for students. If a student doesn’t know the answer, feel free to give them hints.
  • A good chaperone needs to remind the student of museum manners and follow them, too.
  • Keep students together at all times. It is the responsibility of the chaperone not only to stay with the group, but also to keep the students together.
  • Be ready to follow the tour guide’s direct instructions,  when given.
  • Keep an accurate count of students in the group.
  • Help keep the student group orderly.
  • We love questions! However, please allow the tour guide to interact with the students first before asking your questions.

Guidelines for Teachers and Group Leaders

Family TourWhen you call, you will be asked how many students you are bringing, how long your group will stay, how many facilitators you will bring, the specific educational focus of your group,  whether you have any special requirements for your tour group, etc. We will discuss with you how we can enhance your educational goals within your available time. We urge you to consider extending the learning experience by using our pre- and post -visit classroom resources.

  • Please arrive on time, or call if there are any changes.

  • Please help make the most of your visit by arriving promptly.
  • Plan to provide at least 1 adult for every 13 students.
  • Hold a pre-trip meeting with the other adults to share management strategies and any trip guides or assignment sheets before the trip.
  • Adults must stay with their group at all times. Chaperones will circulate throughout the site with their assigned groups.    
  • Make sure everyone knows the time schedule and where to meet to prepare to leave Fallingwater.
  • If possible, we appreciate large and easily readable nametags so we can make students feel welcome.
  • Be sure students come to Fallingwater in shoes and clothing that are appropriate for the weather and that will allow for both sitting and walking.
  • It is usually advisable to take younger children to the restroom before starting a house tour or interactive program. Older  children need to know where restrooms are located, as there are no public restrooms available at the house.
  • Encourage students to think and work together in their small groups.
  • Encourage students to talk softly about what they are experiencing.
  • Supervise your group
  • Teachers and group leaders are responsible for group’s behavior and for keeping students together. Discipline problems are rare, but we will contact the group leader should any occur.
  • Try to build in opportunities for a constructive release of energy in physical movement and opportunities to rest and reflect.

Promote “museum manners” with your students

Remind students that Fallingwater and its landscape must be respected so that visitors can enjoy them today and in the future. To ensure a pleasant experience for your group and other visitors, please read and discuss the following rules to your students before your visit. Even the youngest children  will act responsibly if they understand that Fallingwater and its collections belong to every visitor.

Simple Rules to Promote Good Museum Manners
  • Touch only with your eyes, unless invited to go  “hands on” during our interactive programs
  • Stay with your group
  • Walk throughout the site
  • Use inside voices in all areas of Fallingwater, even  outside, in order not to disturb other visitors.
  • A Fallingwater visit can be very exciting; just remember to be courteous of other visitors.
  • Encourage students to think and work together in their small groups.
  • Do not use any part of Fallingwater as a hard surface for writing activities.
  • Refreshments are not allowed in the house.

Guidelines for Everyone

Relax and have a good time! Ask questions, make observations, involve yourself in the tour. Fallingwater is so diverse, there is sure to be something for everyone.