Green Building

The Barn at Fallingwater is a green building that perfectly blends eco-friendly materials to create a functional space for all types of programs and events.

A renewable resource, 4 by 8 straw panels (1 ½ inches thick) from Bio Fab LLC in
Redding, CA were used as sound absorptive wall finish in several areas of the building.


Phenix Biocompsites of Mankato, Minnesota manufactures a product from sunflower seed
composite called Dakota Burl. It is used on walls in the multipurpose room and some


The office carpet (a Bigelow brand) is made from recycled products. Both paint (PPG’s Pure Performance) and the carpet have little or no offgassing.


Paralaminate beams, manufactured from young growth trees adhered together for
increased strength, were used to span long areas.

Use of Recycled Materials

During the construction process, 81% of the construction debris was recycled. The construction manager, Clearview Project Services, removed a maple floor from a convent in Pittsburgh. It was installed in the upper portion of the barn and refinished.


In the office suite, barn board from a building on WPC property was recycled for
interior finishes.


In the multipurpose room various materials were retained from the 1940s-milking parlor including glazed tile block walls, a concrete floor, glass blocks windows, and red cedar, which was part of the 1960s ceiling.


Silver LEED Rating

  In August of 2006, The Barn at Fallingwater received a Silver LEED rating (one of the project goals) from the U.S. Green Building Council with 33 documented and approved

Green Building Costs

  The cost of green building according to LEED specifications adds two to five percent in upfront costs, but those costs are usually recouped in longterm energy savings in addition to reduced environmental hazards.


  • 2006 Silver LEED Rating/U.S. Green Building Council
  • 2006 Commonwealth Design Awards Program/10,000 Friends of Pennsylvania
  • 2005 American Architecture Award/Chicago Athenaeum
  • 2005 Top Ten Green Projects/American Institute of Architects Committee on the Environment
  • 2005 Silver Award/American Institute of Architects Pittsburgh Chapter
  • 2005 Green Design Citation/American Institute of Architects Pittsburgh Chapter