Museum Manners

Edgar J. Kaufmann jr wanted visitors to Fallingwater to have the full experience that Wright created within the spaces of the house.

For this reason you don’t view Fallingwater by looking through doorways into roped off areas but step into each space of the house just as a guest of the Kaufmann family might have. This creates a very unique experience for you, the visitor, while at the same time creates some challenges for us in preserving the house and its collections. 

Therefore it is important that you use your best museum manners while visiting with us.  This basically means using your best common sense while you’re at Fallingwater and showing the same courtesy and respect while visiting with us as you would like guests to show while visiting your house. 

In particular we ask that you:

  • Leave purses, camera bags, backpacks and other cumbersome items in your vehicle.
  • Stay with your guide while on tour.
  • Follow the photography guidelines
  • Do not handle the museum collections, touch the woodwork and furniture or sit on the furniture.
  • Be respectful of others in your tour group by not talking while the guide is speaking.
  • Turn off cell phones and other electronic devices.
  • Follow any other guidelines that your guide or other Fallingwater staff may present during you visit.
  • Walk only on designated pathways.
  • Stay out of the stream and waterfall.
  • And most importantly…Enjoy your visit!

Fallingwater and the grounds around the house are visited by more than 135,000 people each year. Using your best museum manners while with us will allow the house and site to be preserved for your future visits and visits of guests for generations to come.