Teachers & School Groups

Fallingwater welcomes student groups with teacher and parent chaperones. Field trips to Fallingwater are recommended for grades 4 and up.

Our school programs include architectural tours for students, hands-on workshops, and in-school presentations; all designed to connect a world-renowned work of architecture to learning that happens in your classroom or home.

Special discounts and scholarships are available for student groups to cover the cost of admission and transportation, especially to local schools through our Wright in Our Backyard program.

Teachers and Chaperones: Be sure to review our Guidelines for School and Group Visits.

Pre-visit Lessons

Prepare your students for their visit to Fallingwater with a pre-visit presentation that will help give them a greater appreciation for the house and its history.  Presenting this Fallingwater lecture to your students is an easy and beneficial way to enable them to get the most out of their upcoming visit.  Your students will arrive on-site prepared for an enriching experience with a world renowned work of architecture.  A PowerPoint lectures include a note section with each slide and can be presented in approximately 20-25 minutes.