Accessibility at Fallingwater

For visitors with mobility, hearing or visual limitations, please be aware of the following site challenges inside the house and on the grounds of Fallingwater as you plan your visit.

  • There is considerable walking involved. Fallingwater is a multi-story house and includes over 100 steps. There is also a ¼ mile walk on gravel from the Visitors Center to the house.  Comfortable walking shoes are a must.
  • As a museum with original furnishings, there is no place to sit while on the tour. Visitors must be able to walk and stand during the tour.
  • Fallingwater is not air-conditioned.  During the summer months, tours are cooler and more comfortable in the morning hours.
  • There are no public restrooms in Fallingwater. Please use the restrooms at the Visitor Center before beginning your tour.


  • Limited shuttle service to and from the house is available for visitors who are unable to make the 1/4mile walk from the Visitors Center to the house. Please ask at the Visitor Center desk for this service when you are assigned to a tour group.
  • Visitors using wheelchairs may visit the first floor of the house. Wheelchairs must be able to fit through a 28" doorway to access the first floor.
  • For those unable to tour the upper floors of Fallingwater, a 3-D Video Tour is available at the Visitors Center.


  • Assisted Listening Devices are available at no charge for visitors with hearing challenges. For persons who suffer from profound hearing loss, we can arrange for a sign-language interpreter to conduct a tour at no extra charge. For scheduling purposes, we require a minimum advance notice of two weeks. In addition, a booklet describing the rooms of the house is available at the Visitor Center.


  • If you have a vision impairment, we can arrange for a more descriptive tour that allows some "light" touching of selected objects in the house. Please make arrangements in advance when booking your tour, so that we may have a qualified guide available.

Oxygen Tanks:

  • The following guidelines apply during the tour for visitors that require the use of a mobile and portable oxygen delivery system while at Fallingwater.  Portable oxygen concentrators or small oxygen tanks that can be carried via bag or satchel with shoulder strap accessory are preferred. These carry-on oxygen delivery systems are permitted in all spaces during the Fallingwater tour. Any portable oxygen tanks supported by a wheeled cart will only be permitted on the first floor of the house.  For those unable to tour the upper floors of Fallingwater due to this restriction, a 3-D Video Tour is available at the Visitor Center.