Current Preservation Needs

On March 15, a week after opening for the 2020 season, Fallingwater had to close its doors for the safety and well-being of visitors and staff due to COVID-19. It was a difficult transition for Fallingwater’s dedicated staff, who were ready to welcome visitors from across the world to Pennsylvania’s newest site on the World Heritage List.

Since mid-March, Fallingwater’s leadership has considered several scenarios about what the future of Fallingwater may look like. The uncertainty of the situation is challenging, but we know the following: Each week that Fallingwater was closed, we lost approximately $200,000 in revenue from ticket, café and museum store sales and onsite donations. Fallingwater reopened in mid-June, but has been operating at less than 50% capacity per state guidelines.

As the dramatic financial impacts to Fallingwater from COVID-19 became clearer, we decided to launch Fallingwater Needs You, a campaign to raise urgent operating and preservation funds. Your support will allow us to address these preservation needs and uphold our commitment to protect Fallingwater as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Fallingwater needs you today.

Your support provides urgent operating funds, which will allow us to address the following preservation concerns:

Covered Walkway

Before the site was closed in March, the maintenance team began work on the roof of the covered walkway that connects the main house to the guest house. They were able to pull up the flagstones, remove the failing waterproofing system, and make repairs to the concrete slab and skylights. But since closure, only a temporary roof covered in tarps has kept the exposed roof slab dry and safe.

$40,000 is needed to bring a roofing contractor to Fallingwater to install a new waterproofing and flashing system before the flagstones can be set back in place.

Car Bridge

The concrete walls of the car bridge that spans Bear Run are suffering from irreparable concrete degradation.

$100,000 is needed to complete this project and to leverage a matching Keystone Historic Preservation Grant from the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission.

Foundation Bolsters

Fallingwater’s stone footers that rest on the Bear Run streambed are experiencing nonstructural surface cracking.

$50,000 is needed for repointing and grouting the bolster’s footings and to leverage the matching Keystone Historic Preservation Grant.

Annual Conservation of Furniture

Exposure to ultraviolet light is damaging to the nearly 170 built-in and freestanding wood furnishings designed by Frank Lloyd Wright for Fallingwater.

$24,000 is needed to undertake specialized woodwork cleaning and repairs to a selection of furniture.

Conservation of Fallingwater’s Outdoor Sculpture Collection

The effects of weather and time can be damaging to outdoor art, and Fallingwater monitors the collection for signs of damage.

$33,000 is needed to undertake conservation on several pieces, including Richmond Barthé’s Rose McClendon ($3,500), Peter Voulkos’s Funiculated Smog ($3,500) and Jacques Lipchitz’s Mother and Child ($5,800).

Fallingwater needs you.

Fallingwater is all of ours to conserve, to keep open as a public treasure and to celebrate as one of the world’s greatest examples of art in nature, and nature made even more inspiring through art.

For more information about supporting Fallingwater's urgent needs, contact Julie Holmes, director of development, at 412-586-2312 or