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Fallingwater in spring

Distance Workshops for School Groups

Teachers: Was your spring field trip cancelled? Take advantage of Fallingwater’s Distance Workshops for school groups. Fallingwater’s educator team leads interactive workshops for your students, connecting learning about Fallingwater to lessons in fine art, science, math, history or language arts. Fallingwater’s distance workshops are recommended for students in grades four through 12.

For a limited time, Fallingwater’s Distance Workshops are available for free, funded by our Lodging Partners in Education Program.

Limited availability. Reservation is required.
To register, contact Amy Humbert at ahumbert@paconserve.org.

Distance Workshop Themes

Fallingwater: History and Design (Fine Art, Local History)

  • Fallingwater is considered to be the best example of Wright’s work. Learn about organic architecture, the Kaufmann family, Frank Lloyd Wright, Fallingwater and its site. Try your hand at designing in harmony with nature.

Holding Up Fallingwater: Understanding Cantilevers (Fine Art, Local History, Science, Math)

  • Learn the science behind Fallingwater’s structure and why Frank Lloyd Wright chose to use cantilever construction at Bear Run.

Drawing Fallingwater: Learn to Make Architectural Drawings (Fine Art, Math, Local History)

  • Explore Fallingwater’s architectural drawings and try your hand at creating floor plans, elevations and more, at your home.

Learning from the Past (Fine Art, Art/Architecture History, Local History)

  • Fallingwater is considered to be a masterpiece of modern architecture, but what does that mean? During this workshop, explore architectural precedents from all over the world that led to Wright’s innovative design.

Gnome House Design Challenge: Precedent Study Workshop (Fine Art, Math, Science, Language Arts, Local History)

  • For teachers who are leading Fallingwater’s Gnome House Design Challenge in your virtual classrooms, this workshop includes an introduction to Fallingwater and corresponds to the precedent study step of the Design Challenge.

Design Challenges: Lesson Plans for Teachers

Fallingwater’s design challenges are completed by students from all over the world. Students are invited to share their work virtually and in the future at our annual design symposium.

Gnome House Design Challenge for Grades 4-7*

  • Students explore the steps of the architectural design process while designing a custom house for a unique client – a gnome! Lessons connect fine art, design, science, math, language arts and history.

My Museum Design Challenge for Grades 5-12*

  • Students observe the steps of the design process while exploring museum studies during this design challenge. Students curate their own, personal museum at home. Lessons connect fine art, design, science, math, language arts and history.

*For the month of May, we are providing our design challenge lesson plans to teachers for free, provided through our Lodging Partners in Education Program. For information, email Max Adzema at madzema@paconserve.org.