Teachers & Groups

Fallingwater offers students can have hands-on learning experiences in architecture and design.

Fallingwater welcomes student groups with teacher and parent chaperones. Field trips to Fallingwater are recommended for grades 4 and up. Our school programs include architectural tours  for students, hands-on workshops, and in-school presentations; all designed to connect students’ experiences with a world-renowned work of architecture to learning that happens in your classroom or home. Special discounts and scholarships are available for student groups to cover the cost of admission and transportation, especially to local schools (in Fayette, Greene, and Washington Counties) through our Learning through Architecture program. Teachers are also invited to join us for a week-long residency each summer.

Field Trips for Student Groups

Contact Amy Humbert at ahumbert@paconserve.org for information and to obtain the field trip request form.

Architectural Tours for Student Groups (1 hour in length)

During this tour students will explore Fallingwater and its site learning about its design, Frank Lloyd Wright, Organic Architecture, the Kaufmann family.

Hands-on Workshops (1 hour)

Enhance student learning during on-site or off-site workshops for groups.

  • Sketching/Observation
    • Hike and House - Students will practice observation skills and consider different perspectives through sketching exercises during an outdoor exploration of Fallingwater. *Weather permitting*
    • Drawing on Nature - Students will use experimentation, risk-taking, iteration, and more to better understand Frank Lloyd Wright’s definition of organic architecture and learn ways that architects, designers, and artists can take inspiration from nature and landscape to create original designs.
  • Geometry/Abstraction
    • Shape Hunt - Students will observe how architects like Frank Lloyd Wright use geometry in architecture, then explore Fallingwater and its surroundings to identify, sketch, and compare both natural and built shapes. Grades 3-6
  • Conservation/Sustainability
    • Home, Tweet Home - Students will connect architecture and animal science to design and model a birdhouse inspired by Fallingwater and Frank Lloyd Wright.
  • Inspiration/Creativity
    • Learn from the Past - Students will put Fallingwater into context by exploring historical and contemporary architecture. Grades 8-12
  • Design/Problem Solving
    • Art of Design - What inspired Frank Lloyd Wright? Students will learn some of the design concepts behind the architecture of Fallingwater and apply them during a collaborative design challenge. Grades 9-12
    • Focus on Floor Plans - Students will earn how architects like Frank Lloyd Wright represent their ideas through drawings and symbols and create floor plans of their own.
    • Holding Up Fallingwater - From simple beams to cantilevers, Fallingwater is the perfect place to explore the science and engineering of a structure. Students will experiment with basic structural elements to understand how form and materials influence strength before designing their own cantilever.

Gnome House Design Challenge for Teachers

Join our annual Design Challenge and lead your students through the architectural design process while they create customized designs for unique clients: Gnomes! -start off the Design Challenge with a tour of Fallingwater and hands-on workshop or complete the challenge from a distance. Students may join us individually for our annual Gnome House Design Symposium in the spring! Meets PA state standards for language arts, math, social studies, science, and visual art. Grades 4-7.

Architecture Learning Network

Fallingwater is a member of the Architecture Learning Network (ALN), which provides opportunities for youth to learn about architecture through the design process, historic preservation, sustainability, and digital technology and then apply this knowledge to projects in their communities. High school and middle school students, may earn a digital badge during your visit to Fallingwater.

Teacher Residency

Teachers and museum educators from around the world are invited to spend one week at Fallingwater during our Teacher Residency Program. Spend time in Fallingwater and our studio at High Meadow. Learn ways to incorporate architecture and design into your classroom. Teachers of all grade levels and academic disciplines are invited to apply.

Learning through Architecture for Local Teachers and School Groups

Thanks to the generosity of the Benedum Foundation and our program partners IU-1, Fallingwater offers special opportunities for local teachers and schools located in Fayette, Greene, and Washington Counties to visit Fallingwater and participate in hands-on workshops, free of charge. Reservations are required in advance. Availability of programs is limited and not guaranteed. To schedule a visit for your students, contact Amy Humbert, education programs coordinator. Teachers choose from tiered levels of participation:

    • Tier 1 – Fieldtrip to Fallingwater, including one hour architectural tours and hands-on workshops for your students. Transportation provided.
    • Tier 2 – Semester long, project-based learning, which includes the tier 1 field trip to Fallingwater and hands-on workshops at your school before and after your field trip.
    • Tier 3 – Teacher Partnership Program: Each year, a small group of local teachers participates in this full-year professional development course. Get inspired by Fallingwater’s history and design, learn strategies for using architecture as the point of departure for STEAM learning, and experiment with technology available in IU-1’s FabLab. Fallingwater Teacher Partners receive the benefits of tiers 1 and 2 in addition to four professional development sessions during the school year and a three-day retreat at Fallingwater in June. Space is limited.
      Learn More About the Teacher Partnership Program

    To inquire, contact Amy Humbert, education program coordinator, at ahumbert@paconserve.org.