Fallingwater Museum Store

Our goal is to enhance awareness and understanding of Fallingwater for visitors of all ages through interaction with our knowledgeable staff and engagement with our products.

The items offered at the Fallingwater Museum Store are carefully curated by a proficient team who draw inspiration from the Kaufmann family and their collection. Edgar Kaufmann jr. passionately believed that objects displaying the highest qualities of beauty and function should be available to everyone at affordable prices. Such items, be they manufactured, small batched, or handcrafted are presented throughout the Fallingwater Museum Store making for a unique shopping experience. In addition, our store would not be complete without a collection of products featuring Frank Lloyd Wright’s iconic designs.

Fallingwater Values Your Experience and Support

We hope every guest finds their shopping experience at the Fallingwater Museum Store enriching, exceptional and memorable. Every purchase made supports Fallingwater’s operations.

A Season for Comfort and Joy

Our new fall & winter collection captures the joy of our Museum Store - exuberant, engaging, inspirational, inviting, and enriching! Each item has been carefully chosen for its quality, design, affordability, and relevance to the season.
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The Kaufmann Collection

Introducing a new collection of curated items that pays homage to the design style of the Kaufmann family, the former Pittsburgh department store owners for which Frank Lloyd Wright designed Fallingwater.
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Limited-Edition Rhododendron Vase

Drawing inspiration from Fallingwater’s lush landscape of rhododendron, ceramic artist Christopher Brody designed a stunning vase that features a hand-carved rhododendron leaf and blossom motif.
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Enhance Your Visit with Gifts to Go

We offer gift collections available for pre-purchase and curbside pickup upon your arrival at Fallingwater. These gifts contain some of our most popular items presented to you in a complimentary Fallingwater Tote Bag. Order from a variety of Gifts to Go today!