Exhibitions in the Speyer Gallery

Temporary exhibitions in Fallingwater’s visitor center are installed within the Speyer Gallery, a light-filled space named to honor the close relationship between the Kaufmanns and the Speyer family of Pittsburgh. The shows on view have supplemented the Fallingwater tour experience with topics ranging from collection highlights, construction and preservation histories, and insights into the lives of the Kaufmann family as well as the Kaufmann’s Department Store. On occasion, the gallery highlights the work of local artists as well as participants in the Fallingwater Institute’s Artist-in-Residence program.

Since 2011, the Alexander C. and Tillie S. Speyer Foundation has supported the exhibition program at Fallingwater, providing visitors from around the world an exceptional learning experience.

Exhibitions at the Speyer Gallery are available exclusively to those who purchase Fallingwater tours. Plan your visit today.


Frank Lloyd Wright’s Southwestern PennsylvaniaThe Fallingwater Projects

Available through December 31, 2024 Accompanying the larger exhibition at the Westmoreland Museum of American Art, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Southwestern Pennsylvania: The Fallingwater Projects will feature the unbuilt designs Wright proposed for the Fallingwater estate.


  • 2023 Sacred Spaces: Frank Lloyd Wright and Andrew Pielage
  • 2022 Building Fallingwater
  • 2021 Joseph Urban’s Designs for Kaufmann’s
  • 2020 Pittsburgh Watercolor Society at 75 Years
  • 2019 Eleanor Pritchard: Framing a View
  • 2018 Kaufmann’s Summer Camp: For an Ideal Vacation
  • 2017 Wright for Wright: The Experimental Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Homes
  • 2016 Before and After Fallingwater: Benno Janssen’s and Richard Neutra’s Houses for the Kaufmanns
  • 2015 A House for a Curator: Edgar J. Kaufmann jr. and the Fallingwater Collection
  • 2014 Fallingwater Renewed: Preservation, Restoration, Conservation
  • 2013 Design in Harmony with Nature
  • 2012 Touchstone Center for Crafts Faculty Exhibition