High School Residencies

When Fallingwater was constructed, Edgar Kaufmann, jr. was a young man who had explored several potential career paths ranging from studio art to architecture at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin Fellowship. His trial and error approach to career exploration combined with time spent at Fallingwater led him to his successful career as a curator and professor of art and architecture history.

High School Residencies at Fallingwater honor Kaufmann’s legacy by providing opportunities for students to participate in immersive studio-based learning, career exploration, creative expression and self-discovery in a collaborative, supportive environment at Fallingwater’s remarkable site.


  • Architecture and design exercises with hands-on drawing and design projects inspired by Fallingwater
  • In-depth, scholarly discussions and applications of Wright’s principles of organic architecture
  • Career exploration


High school students and gap year students are eligible to apply. No previous design experience is required. Students curious about careers in creative fields, such as architecture, design, and visual art are strongly encouraged to apply. Enrollment is limited. Applications are reviewed and accepted in the order they are received.

Course Offerings

High School Residency: Studio 1

June 27 - July 1, 2022

High School Residency: Studio 1 is for students in grades 9 through 12 who are curious about careers in design, architecture or the visual arts. Program activities include individual and collaborative projects, drawing, model-making exercises, and drawing sessions in and around Fallingwater. Led by professional teaching architects and artists, High School Residencies provides an opportunity for students to examine and explore Frank Lloyd Wright’s ideas while living and studying at Fallingwater’s remarkable site.

Unable to travel to Fallingwater this year? Consider Virtual Summer Camp: Drawing by Hand!

High School Residency: Studio 2

August 1 - August 5, 2022

High School Residency: Studio 2 is for students in grades 11 or 12 who are preparing for admission to an architecture, design or art school. During the five-day intensive skill-building program, students will create original, portfolio-worthy work. This course is led by a licensed teaching architect, who will guide studio explorations that are comparable to a first-year studio foundation course, which is a typical requirement in undergraduate programs in architecture, design and visual art. Students will enjoy access to Fallingwater and opportunities for reflective writing and sketching from observation.

Unable to travel to Fallingwater this year? Consider Virtual Summer Camp: Drawing by Hand!

High School Residency: Portfolio Prep

July 11 - July 15, 2022

A successful portfolio is a compilation of work that conveys your creative vision and skill while also serving as an expression of your unique identity and ideas. Learn how to assemble and present a portfolio that communicates your unique skills, personality, and point-of-view. Spend a week immersed at Fallingwater and its beautiful site while creating original, portfolio-worthy pieces in a collaborative studio environment. High School Residency: Portfolio Prep is for students in grades 9 through 12 who are considering college and careers in creative fields. All ability-levels are welcome.

Unable to travel to Fallingwater this year? Consider Virtual Summer Camp: Portfolio Prep!


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Application is to be completed by high school student.

COVID-19 Update: For the safety of students and staff, all participants in on-site residencies must provide proof of full COVID-19 vaccination, as defined by the Centers of Disease Control, during the application process. All students and staff will adhere to the current WPC COVID-19 safety requirements, which will be provided to participants in advance of the course.