Fallingwater from Home

Enjoy these Fallingwater experiences anytime, anywhere. Join in the learning and fun on our social media platforms, using the hashtags #MuseumFromHome and #Fallingwater.

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Virtual Views

Fallingwater staircaseTake A Closer Look behind the scenes by booking your spot in a live virtual webinar.

See Fallingwater from above.

Watch Fallingwater get built, virtually, through an animation by Cristóbal Vila.


Activities for Kids and Families

Learn about nature and architecture through fun at-home activities.

Cook delicious recipes from Fallingwater’s Chef Tom Shuttlesworth.

Participate in the Gnome House Design Challenge and design a house for your very own gnome client.

Enroll in a Virtual Summer Camp at our Fallingwater Institute.

Download drawings and photographs of Fallingwater.

Explore the history of Fallingwater through our interactive timeline.

Listen to cellist Mike Block play classical music inspired by Fallingwater.

Resources for Teachers

Fallingwater Teacher Residency
Book a distance workshop for your classroom.

Discover lesson plans for one of Fallingwater’s Design Challenges.

Enroll in our virtual Insight-Onsite program for teachers.

Collections and Preservation

Edgar Kaufmann jr's StudyRegister for our free June 30 webinar that explores the house’s textile collection.

Explore the beautiful art and furniture in the Fallingwater Collection.

Watch a lecture on the post-tensioning of Fallingwater by structural engineer John Matteo.

Study the collection from home with Rebecca Hagen, Fallingwater’s registrar. - Coming soon

Delve into a deeper understanding of how we preserve Fallingwater.