Fallingwater Among Eight Frank Lloyd Wright Designed Buildings Nominated to the UNESCO World Heritage List

The United States previously submitted a collection of Wright buildings to the World Heritage List in 2015; the newly revised nomination will be considered by the World Heritage Committee in July 2019.

FallingwaterIn July 2016, the World Heritage Committee of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) voted to refer the United States’ submission to the World Heritage List for future consideration. That nomination, previously submitted in 2015, highlighted of a collection of 10 buildings designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, included Fallingwater.

The Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy, a private nonprofit organization based in Chicago, has led efforts since 2006 to advocate and organize Wright’s work for World Heritage nomination. Over the past few years, it coordinated the revised nomination in accordance with the World Heritage Committee’s request for changes. The newly revised nomination, The 20th-Century Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, now includes eight major works by Wright that best represent his architecture during his 70-year career.

Wright, who designed Fallingwater in the early 1930s, is widely considered to be the greatest American architect of the 20th century.

The nomination will now be reviewed by the International Council of Monuments and Sites, a private organization that is an official adviser to the World Heritage Committee. In May 2019, ICOMOS will make a recommendation as to whether the nomination should be listed for the consideration of the World Heritage Committee. That committee meets in July 2019 and will make a decision on the nomination at that time.

Click here to review the revised nomination, The 20th-Century Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, on the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy’s website.

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