We Stand In Solidarity

With the Jewish Community in Pittsburgh and Beyond, May 2023

The attack on the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh on October 27, 2018, remains the deadliest attack on the Jewish community in the United States. As the families and friends of the victims, the Tree of Life congregations, the neighborhood of Squirrel Hill and the greater Pittsburgh community navigate this trauma, we offer our support and stand in solidarity with all who seek a more just and loving world, one without bloodshed in the name of hate and fear.

Events of the past, both bad and good, offer lessons to be learned. At Fallingwater, we can look back and gain inspiration from the Kaufmanns, a progressive Jewish family committed to the fight against antisemitism. In 1939, Edgar Kaufmann, Sr. convened a conference at Fallingwater, which included Albert Einstein and Morris Raphael Cohen, to discuss the protection of Jews trapped in Nazi Germany. And during World War II, they aided the emigration of many facing persecution in Europe, sponsoring them with jobs in their department store in downtown Pittsburgh.

As we remember and learn from the Kaufmanns, those of us at Fallingwater celebrate the enduring heritage of Jewish Americans, whose values and contributions have shaped us all and enriched our collective culture. We stand with the Jewish people and will continue to seek ways that strengthen all of our communities through a commitment to listen and learn from one another.

For Justice for All, June 2020

To honor the life of George Floyd and all who have suffered because of systemic racism and inequality against people of color, particularly in the black community, Fallingwater stands in solidarity with the many voices calling for racial and social justice.

Fallingwater draws inspiration for its educational mission from those who champion human expression, in all its richness and diversity of forms. Through an architecture that harmonizes with nature and challenges conventions, Fallingwater seeks to change perceptions of what is possible. We recognize that diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility are vital to accomplishing our work and mission.

To be part of the solution, we are committed to dismantling biases and instilling a mindset that embraces equality. The first step involves looking at ourselves to listen and learn so we can move forward, together.

Justin W. Gunther
Director, Fallingwater
Vice President, Western Pennsylvania Conservancy