Between the City and the Forest: Creating Safer Habitats for Birds

August 15, 2024 12:00pm EDT

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Drawing from his extensive research spanning urban to rural landscapes, including his work here at Fallingwater and the Bear Run Nature Reserve, coupled with his profound love of birds, Avian Ecologist Nick Liadis’ talk will explore innovative solutions for mitigating avian mortality in human-dominated environments. With insights from his cross-disciplinary background in architecture and conservation biology, this webinar, “Between the City and the Forest: Creating Safer Habitats for Birds,” will offer unique strategies for fostering harmonious relationships between birds and humans. Join him for this talk to discover how we can create safer habitats for migratory birds.

About the Presenters

Nick Liadis

Avian Ecologist

Nick is an avian conservation biologist and founder of Bird Lab, a non-profit creating and implementing bird-focused conservation practices through the integration of research, education, and community science that together create healthy ecosystems. His work takes him into urban, suburban, and rural areas to better understand how birds live alongside humans. With his background in architecture, he’s defined a new approach to design by expanding a strong interest in birdlife, and central to this cross-disciplinary work is protecting birds from striking the windows of buildings, which occurs when they get tricked into perceiving their habitat reflected in glass.

Nick has expanded his bird banding research with appointments at the Point Reyes Bird Observatory in California and the Powdermill Avian Research Center in Pennsylvania. As a research fellow at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Nick leverages his cross-disciplinary background with the depth of resources at the museum, such as the Bird Safe Pittsburgh Program. With his endorsement by the American Bird Conservancy and the American Institute of Architects to teach about bird-safe cities and buildings, he unites architects, planners, policymakers and scientists around the protection of birds in cities.