Building Fallingwater with The Atom Brick

October 29, 2024 12:00pm EDT

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Join Adam Reed Tucker, president and lead designer of The Atom Brick for a discussion on the design behind the creation of The Atom Brick Fallingwater Building Brick Model. Learn about the process to create the 4,383-piece model, from concept to final model which includes detailed elements of the interior and exterior of Fallingwater using The Atom Brick unique “mini brick.”

About the Presenters

Adam Reed Tucker

President, Lead Designer of The Atom Brick

Architectural Artist Adam Reed Tucker uses building bricks as his medium and teaching tool­–to increase awareness and appreciation of architecture, engineering, art, science and design. Tucker graduated from Kansas State University with a degree in Architecture with a focus on the Philosophy of Design. While practicing as an architect he discovered an interest in using the “brick” as an outlet to explore and explain architecture and engineering principles.

His models, including architecture icons, rollercoasters and engineering marvels have been displayed at museums, conventions, and commission sites worldwide. Tucker’s passion for the medium led to working with the LEGO® Group to develop new initiatives including co-founding the LEGO® Architecture line and work as a LEGO® Certified Professional. Tucker created The Atom Brick with the mission to inspire “builders” to recreate and learn about the world around them using “mini bricks” not just as a creative toy but as three-dimensional modeling tool – “the building block of design.”