Kaufmann Cottage

Explore different facets of Fallingwater, Frank Lloyd Wright and the Kaufmann family in Fallingwater's Speyer Gallery, featuring an annual exhibition free to all Fallingwater visitors. Funded, in part, by the Speyer Family Trust, the Speyer Gallery is accessible in the Visitor Center and open during regular business hours.

Kaufmann’s Summer Camp: For an Ideal Vacation

Have you ever wondered what Bear Run was like before Fallingwater was built by the Kaufmann family? Kaufmann’s Summer Camp: For an Ideal Vacation shares historic photography and postcards of the site from as far back as 1896 when Masons from Pittsburgh built their Masonic Country Club, and later Syria Country Club, for its members and their families as a summer resort and fishing area. The land, including the camp lodgings, was eventually leased to Edgar Kaufmann as a weekend retreat for Kaufmann’s Department Store employees.

“Camp Kaufmann,” as it was fondly known, used buildings inherited from the Masons and later added more to accommodate up to a hundred employees in the clubhouse. The Kaufmann’s Department Store formally purchased the property in 1926. By 1933, the land’s ownership transferred to the Kaufmann family, laying the foundation for what would soon become Fallingwater.

This exhibition, displayed in the Speyer Gallery at the Fallingwater Visitor Center, continues through June 15, 2019.

In addition to materials from the Fallingwater archive, exhibition items were provided by private collectors and the Avery Fine Arts and Architectural Library at Columbia University, New York City, where Edgar Kaufmann jr. donated his papers in the 1970s.

The Speyer Gallery is located in Fallingwater's Visitor Center