Windows Legacy Fund

Fallingwater’s windows – signature components of this iconic house – are suffering from the effects of weather and time. The window glass must be replaced in order to protect the house, its furnishings and its priceless collections from heat, sunlight and UV radiation.
You have a rare opportunity to “own” a Fallingwater window by contributing to the house’s window glass replacement endowment. Gifts to the Fallingwater Window Legacy Fund will enable replacement of Fallingwater’s current window glass and support future glass replacements. Naming opportunities range from $2,000 to $10,000 and up for each window, skylight, glass door, or set of windows, depending on the size and location. You can also support this project with a gift of any amount!

For gifts of $500 and more, you will receive a commemorative piece of the old Fallingwater glass, framed along with a drawing of the house, as seen on left. Additionally, if you endow a window at $1,000 or more, you will be recognized on a donor wall in the Fallingwater Visitors Center.

To see a list of available windows to select from, please contact us at 412-586-2336. Once you’ve chosen a window or a set of windows, please fill out the contact form and a staff member will contact you to discuss the details. If you have previously funded one of the Premium packages and would like to see the window images, email

Fallingwater Sketch

Window Legacy Fund Donors

Fallingwater and the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy would like to recognize and thank the following donors for their support of the Window Legacy Fund.

Lead Donors
Beverlynn and Steven Elliott
Premium Donors


In memory of Jack G. Buncher

Ben and Jan Costello

PPG Industries


The Bruce H. Reinhold Family

The Rockwell Foundation

In memory of David A. Watters



Joan and Rodger Gurrentz

The Howard Family Trust


In memory of Foster Armstrong, AIA, AICP

Community Foundation of Fayette County

Eric and Judy Kastango

In honor of Harry O'Connor

The Reinhold Family

Amy M. Solomon

David L. and Barbara R. Watters

Deidre A.Watters and Peter D. Howell


Kathleen Kase Burk

Janet and Jack Demmler

Dr. J. Kirk and Janet E. Gulledge

Robert & Vicky Kamin

In memory of John & Josephine Korinek, Jr.

Ingrid and Dr. Al May

Carol Ostrow and Michael Graff

In memory of Dr. Hilary Petit

Frank Brooks Robinson

In honor of Ben Sampson

Bonnie McIntyre Snyder

Jason W. Zach


In memory of Virginia Abercrombie

Mary Elizabeth and Peter Alexander

In honor of Tedd Arnn

Travis W. Bartholomew

In honor of Mark A. & Terri E. Beattie

Jeremiah M. Best

In memory of Mark Bigam

In memory of Bobby Mose Bolinger 
   and Thomas Avery Underhill, Jr.

In honor of Rachel Eleanor Seagle Bolinger 
   and Virginia Crosby Underhill

In honor of Robert Bowman - Charter Homes

In honor of E. Michael Boyle

The Carrick Family

The Cody Family

Ty and Jennifer Cole

Duane A. Conwell

In honor of Evan and Caroline Cozzens

In honor of The Downey - Clower Family

In honor of Jeffrey Lynn Davis

Ronald and Karen Delmonico

In Honor of Robert and Ruth Ann DeYoung

Fallingwater Staff

Andrew J. Ferenchak III

In honor of Julianna Rose Ferraro

In honor of Kinley Lucille Ferraro

In honor of Patrick Dean Ferraro

The John A Fiesta Family

In honor of Jim and Cathy Fort

The Cyril M. and Irene Gaydos Family

In honor of Carol Ann Gaydos

Gail Marie Gaydos

In memory of Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Gitnik

Paul J. Gitnik

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory L. Greenwood

David C. Glick

The Greisler Family

Drs. Howard Gutstein and Jill Schumacher

In memory of Eric and Susan Hansen

The Margaret Hart Family

In memory of Barbara A. Hawes

Philip C. Hawes

Jeffrey and Diane Hitchan

In memory of Brian Todd Humbert

In Memory of Curtis R. Jennings Jr., AIA

Karen and Keith Johnson

The Eugene Keiths Foundation

The Keune/Kim Family

Erik and Cheryl Kolz

In memory of Dr. Amnuay Komalahiranya 
   and In honor of Dr. Usa Komalahiranya

Gene and Barbara Kravits

Dominic Labitzky & Anna Madison

In memory of Frank "Lee" Lowden

Thomas Lytle

Roger W. Marble

In honor of Suzanne Mateer

Ingrid and Dr. Al May

In memory of Mary Ann and Robert G. Meyer

In honor of Alan and Lana Miller from 
   Luther P. Miller Employees

In memory of Ralph and Leola Miner

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Mitchell II

Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Moore

In honor of Jason Murray

In honor of Michael and Susie Murray

In memory of Doris and Ira Nichols

In honor of Donna L. Nock Maier, Phd.

Bethany L. Notaro, Esq.

Laura Peebles and Ellen Fingerman

Michael Peeler and Dominick Maniace

Mark T. Phillis

In honor of Campbell and Ellen Quinn

Bruce H. Reinhold

In honor of Jean C. Reinhold and Mark H. Reinhold

In memory of Sally C. Reinhold

Andrea Reister and Marty Ashley

The T.K. and H.K. Riley Family

William T. Ruhl

Thomas L. and Jane D. Russell

Dian L. and Kathleen M. Sandford-Sierra

Drs. Jill Schumacher and Howard Gutstein and Family

In honor of Serratelli, Schiffman & Brown, P.C.

Thomas and Martha Shanks

Nancy S. Shaw

Shure Family Foundation

Brendan F Slattery and Joseph A Jacobson

John J. Somonick

Robert and Kristin Stern

In honor of Gene L. Svrcek

Mark and Karen McDowell - White

In honor of Mario di Valmarana

The Vierheilig Family

Mark S. Vogel, O.D.

Nellie Wild and Jonathan Young

Dr. Mark Yeager, M.D., Ph.D.

Mr. and Mrs. John T. Yeary

In loving memory of Samuel Curtis Yocum III

  • Kevin & Lynda Ahrens
  • Janice Ballou
  • M. J. Bolter
  • Barre and Sandra Bull
  • Adrian Matthew Burke
  • In honor of Mary M. Butler
  • Rachel Cannon
  • In honor of Paul L. Cox
  • Jeremy Dobrick and Tamara Hoover
  • In memory of Robert and Agnes J. Dodds
  • Richard W. George
  • John B. Grigg
  • Dr. Stephen and Kathleen Guinn
  • Linda Kubrick
  • Familia Vallarino Guizado
  • Elliot Hutkin
  • In honor of Betty Iacomini and Betty Donahue
  • In honor of Curtis R. Jennings III
  • In honor of Jane. A. Jennings
  • In honor of John W. Jennings
  • In honor of Linda G. Jones
  • In memory of Patricia T. Kaufman
  • Linda Kubrick
  • In honor of Jonathan T. Mateer
  • In honor of Jordan L. Mateer
  • Mr. and Mrs. Alex D. McComb
  • In honor of Jack and Beth McCoy
  • George I. Meyer
  • In honor of Harriet and John Montgomery
  • Ken & Shelia Morgan
  • In honor of William Moses
  • In honor of National Blackrain Sanna
  • In honor of Matthew and Ann Marie Nedell
  • In honor of Bob and Marty Niccolls
  • Quoc and Sandi Nguyen
  • In Honor of Dr. Barry K. Norling
  • Carol Ostrow and Michael Graff
  • Jung Hoon Paek
  • Paul Pascarelli, AIA & Terry Pascarelli, LEED AP
  • In honor of Prof. Kathryn Stanley Podwall
  • In honor of Audrey and Benjamin Quinn
  • In honor of Tom and Barbara Rees
  • In honor of Stephen G. Robinson
  • Robert A. Rzepka
  • Rhonda and Thom Saunders
  • In memory of Anthony J. Sauro
  • In honor of Ann Siegel
  • In honor of The West Tennessee Sawdusters
  • John Speer
  • In memory of Marilyn Weiss
  • Kathe and Greg Wright
  • In honor of Fredric L. Young