Leslie Williamson

Leslie is an artist, photographer and essayist, best known for her unique and personal approach to photographing interiors. Beyond merely documenting beautiful and inspirational spaces, Leslie sees the rooms we live in as intimate portraits of ourselves. She is the author of four books—”Handcrafted Modern,” “Interior Portraits,” “Modern Originals” and “Still Lives”—and in each she uses her camera as a literal and metaphorical lens for communicating the lives of her subjects, be they iconic architects, designers, influential cultural mavericks or the quiet creative geniuses that have remained out of the spotlight. Williamson’s photography is in private collections and has been exhibited in museums and galleries in the United States and Japan. Her images have been published in monographs from publishers including Rizzoli, Gestalten, Prestel, Hearst Books and Phaidon. She also collaborates with editorial and design clients around the world including World of Interiors, Casa Brutus, Feel Free, StudioIlse, Commune Design, Eames Institute, SFMOMA, USM and others.