World Heritage Acknowledgements and Thanks

The preparation of the World Heritage nomination for “The 20th-Century Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright” was a project of the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy in conjunction with the staffs of each property. There were many individuals who contributed to the effort, some in multiple ways.

The 20th-Century Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright Working Group

David De Long, Jan Eakins, Neil Levine, John Payne*, Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer*, Tim Quigley, Jack Quinan, Ron Scherubel, John Thorpe* and Lynda Waggoner

Frank Lloyd Wright World Heritage Council

Celeste Adams, James Dennis, Barbara Gordon, Stuart Graff, Justin Gunther, Jeffrey Herr, Ashley Mendelsohn, Fred Prozzillo, Heidi Ruehle-May and Lynda Waggoner

Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy World Heritage Committee

John Blew, David De Long, Gunny Harboe, Neil Levine, Susan Jacobs Lockhart, Scott Perkins, Jack Quinan, John Thorpe* and Lynda Waggoner

Contributors to the Nomination Document

Members of the Frank Lloyd Wright World Heritage Council plus Anthony Alofsin, David Bagnall, Barry Bergdoll, Rob Brandegee, Jean-Louis Cohen, Catherine Deacon, J. Michael Desmond, Audra Dye, Brian Gallagher, Justin Gunther, Nancy Hadley, Michael Henderson, James A. Jacobs, Jeffrey Levine, Neil Levine, Richard Longstreth, Bill Martinelli, Dietrich Neumann, Nicholas Olsberg, Marjorie Pearson, Scott Perkins, Jim Peters, Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer*, Clinton Piper, Jack Quinan, Arnold Roy, John Sergeant, Joseph Siry, Kathryn Smith, Margo Stipe, Karen Sweeney, R. Terry Tatum, John Thorpe*, Jason Tish, Hermann van Bergeijk and Brad White

Reviewers of the Nomination Document

Gustavo Araoz, David De Long, Phyllis Ellin, Dale Allen Gyure, James A. Jacobs, Neil Levine, Richard Longstreth, Susan Macdonald, Stephen Morris, Carol Shull and Ron Van Oers*

Advisors Attending the Planning Forums

Celeste Adams, Greg Anderegg, Timothy Boruff, Lisa DeCarlo, James Dennis, Jim Draeger, Phyllis Ellin, Justin Gunther, Janet Halstead, Jeffrey Herr, Heather Hutchison, Kat Imhoff, Carol Johnson, Susan Jacobs Lockhart, Ann Maley, David McClaren, Joan Mercuri, Scott Perkins, Emily Roth, Arnold Roy, Ron Scherubel, Richard Townsend, Deborah Vick, Lynda Waggoner and Jeff Wong

Photography, Cartography and Drawings

Avery Architectural and Fine Arts Library at Columbia University, Joe Barrett, Cynthia Brewer, Kim Bush, Hilary Claus, Elizabeth Daniels, Emily Domanico, Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Archives, Brad Georgic, Clare Graham, Dixie Legler Guerrero, Harboe Architects, David Heald, Ryan Hewson, Jeffrey Herr, Bill Limpisathian, Bill Martinelli, Patti McConville, Elevate Media, Oskar Muñoz, Kieran Murphy, Purna Nanawala, OAD Archives, Eric O’Malley, Scott Perkins, Andrew Pielage, Tom Rossiter, Steve Sikora, Kathryn Smith, Douglas M. Steiner, Margo Stipe, Larry Underhill, Joshua White and Wisconsin Historical Society

Additional Support

Judy and Dick Corson, National Endowment for the Arts

Special Thanks

Thomas Schmidt, Martha Wasik and John Waters

*In memoriam