Attention homeschoolers, classroom teachers or any students who are interested in art, architecture, construction, engineering, and/or design! Fallingwater invites you to participate in our annual Gnome House Design Challenge, an educational program for students who are eight to 13 years old.

Fallingwater’s Gnome House lesson plans can be used by classroom teachers or independently by home school students. Students will use the steps of the design process to create a house that’s customized for their Gnome client. Students are invited to attend the annual Gnome House Design Symposium held each May at Fallingwater. The Symposium offers students the opportunity to display their Gnome House model, meet other Gnome House Architects and take a gnomes-eye-view tour of Fallingwater. Attendance at the Symposium is not required but is a great way to celebrate your architect’s completion of the project! 

Students will learn about Fallingwater and Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture as they think creatively and use decision-making skills to plan a house for their client. Each gnome client has unique likes, dislikes, challenges and requests for their home design. During the Gnome House Design Challenge, math, science, technology and language arts skills overlap throughout the hands-on lessons. Teachers and/or parents can use the links below to enroll.

For questions, please contact Amy Humbert at or 724-329-7829.


We can’t wait to see your designs! Stay tuned for the date of Fallingwater’s 2025 Gnome House Design Symposium where participants will share their gnome house designs with fellow students, enjoy a special gnome-eye-view tour of Fallingwater, and refreshments in Fallingwater’s Hillman Education Pavilion! For more information about the Gnome House Design Symposium, please contact Amy Humbert at 724-329-7829 or



$50 for one student, plus $10 for each additional student in a family. This includes Lessons 1-7 of the Gnome House Design Challenge, a unique gnome “client,” some supplemental materials, and two free tickets to the annual gnome-eye-view tour at the annual Gnome House Design Symposium at Fallingwater!

To schedule a Guided Architectural Tour, Family Field Trip, or Virtual Field Trip of Fallingwater at an additional cost, please purchase tickets in advance.


Pricing for Groups

$50 for 25 student group, plus $1 for each additional student. This includes lesson plans for teacher, classroom presentations for Lessons 1-7 of the Gnome House Design Challenge, Teacher Version shared digitally, a set of unique gnome “clients” for each student to work with, and Fallingwater folders to contain their work.

This group option does not include a visit to Fallingwater. As a compliment to this curriculum, we suggest scheduling a Family Field Trip or a virtual field trip to Fallingwater at an additional cost.

Financial support is available to Fallingwater’s neighboring home schoolers and student groups located in Allegheny, Fayette, Greene, Somerset, Washington and Westmoreland Counties. For more information, please contact Amy Humbert at or 724-329-7829.