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Virtual Views and Webinars

Fallingwater staircase

Explore Fallingwater through our recorded webinars and register for upcoming events.

Watch Fallingwater get built, virtually, through an animation by Cristóbal Vila.

Experience the serenity of Fallingwater combined with the benefits of meditation in this video by Dr. Barry Kerzin, personal physician to His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Check out a live view of Fallingwater via our Fallingwater Cam.

Activities for Kids and Families

Learn about nature and architecture through fun at-home activities.

Participate in the Gnome House Design Challenge and design a house for your very own gnome client.

Enroll in a Virtual Summer Camp at our Fallingwater Institute.

Download drawings and photographs of Fallingwater.

Explore the history of Fallingwater through our interactive timeline.

Engage young learners through the Opposites at Work series.

Listen to cellist Mike Block play classical music inspired by Fallingwater.

Free Webinars

Guests touring Fallingwater during Twilight Tour.

Join Rick Darke as he explores the rare synergy between Fallingwater’s built architecture and its surrounding landscape. Through an introduction to the art of observation, Rick will open your eyes to both detailed and broad perspectives of Fallingwater and provide you with basic tools to enhance your enjoyment, understanding, and stewardship of the places you care about the most.

In this 90-minute virtual mini-symposium presented by Fallingwater and Miami University of Ohio on Jan. 16, 2021, leading architects and educators discussed Wright’s philosophy of organic architecture through the lens of contemporary efforts to create a more sustainable built environment for the future.

View this Dec. 14 webinar as Fallingwater’s 2020 Judy Cheteyan Collections Intern Gabrielle Roth shares information about the integral role Edgar Kaufmann jr. played in MoMA's Good Design exhibition series and discusses how Good Design series objects influenced Fallingwater’s iconic décor.

Learn meditation with Dr. Barry Kerzin, personal physician to His Holiness the Dalai Lama. On October 28, Dr. Kerzin led a free meditation session live from Fallingwater. This unique opportunity explored the therapeutic benefits of meditation in a natural setting.

Watch this Oct. 27 conversation with art conservator Connie Stromberg as she explains the challenges and rewards of conserving the outdoor sculptures at Fallingwater and other museums across the country.

Immerse yourself in nature for this talk with Dr. Barry Kerzin, personal physician to His Holiness the Dalai Lama, on creating balance in our lives: Environment Creating Healthy Wellbeing, Wellbeing Creating Healthy Environments.

Follow Andrew Pielage as he shares his photographs and discusses his creative process in his webinar, Photographing a House in Motion.

Check out Luftwerk: Art in Nature at Fallingwater for an examination of art in nature through immersive, experience-based installations of light and color.

Watch Furnishing Fallingwater: The Kaufmann Textile Collection, as London-based textile designer Eleanor Pritchard and Fallingwater’s registrar, Rebecca Hagen, discuss textiles in the Fallingwater Collection.

View this lecture on the important post-tensioning effort at Fallingwater by structural engineer John Matteo.

Resources for Teachers

Fallingwater Teacher ResidencyBook a distance workshop for your classroom.

Discover lesson plans for one of Fallingwater’s Design Challenges.

Local Teachers: Enroll in our free education offerings through our Wright In Our Backyard program.


Collections and Preservation

Edgar Kaufmann jr's StudyExplore the beautiful art and furniture in the Fallingwater Collection.

Watch Former Fallingwater Registrar Rebecca Hagen discuss the B.K.F. Chair, which was produced in 1938 by Argentine designers.

Learn more about the Fallingwater Collection as Rebecca discusses ikats.

Delve into a deeper understanding of how we preserve Fallingwater.

The Fallingwater Chef at Home

Tom Shuttlesworth is a New England Culinary Institute trained chef with a career spanning coast to coast and Europe, including the kitchens of culinary luminaries Jean-Louis Palladin, Tom Colicchio, Wylie Dufresne and Michael Mina. A native of Fayette County, Pennsylvania, Chef Shuttlesworth returned to work at Fallingwater in 2006, where he draws inspiration from Fallingwater and Appalachia.

Pasta Carbonara con Ramps
During our recent closure, Fallingwater Chef Tom Shuttlesworth offered up amazing recipes to keep you inspired by Fallingwater and nature from his home kitchen. In the first recipe of his series, The Fallingwater Chef at Home, Tom makes a delicious spring pasta dish using wild ramps.
Read more and get the recipe!

Corn Chowder with Biscuits
In the second edition of his recipe blog, Chef Tom takes a shopping trip to get his favorite food staples and explores his trusted home pantry. He delights in making one of his favorite dishes, a slightly tweaked version of Elsie Henderson’s H.J. Heinz Corn Chowder from "The Fallingwater Cookbook."
Read more and get this and another recipe for easy biscuits!

Barley Risotto with Mushrooms and Roasted Red Peppers
“Risotto is one of those dishes that many home cooks seem to avoid,” says Chef Tom in the third entry of his recipe blog where he replaces misconceptions and myths with proper technique and wholesome ingredients for the perfect dish. Made with foraged wild mushrooms, his barley risotto with maitake mushrooms and roasted red peppers is comfort food at its finest!
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Oven Roasted Potatoes, Roast Magret and Red Currant Sauce
While Chef Tom finds himself, “more contemplative of late, pondering and pursuing cooking and restaurant ideas both new and old,” his plate will have us all reassured that good food isn’t under quarantine. In week four, Chef Tom shares mouthwatering recipes for duck breast, roasted potatoes and wine braised red cabbage.
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Grilled Gruyère on Homemade Challah with Tomato Bisque
In this post, Chef Tom opens "The Fallingwater Cookbook" again to make a fresh twist on the classic combination of grilled cheese and tomato soup. As he shares his inspiration for the dish, he also reveals that he normally does not cook such rich and decadent cuisine at home, but rather likes to keep weeknight meals light and simple.
Read more and get the recipes!

Seared Venison, Morel Sauce, Braised Ramp Greens and Mashed Potatoes
In Chef Tom’s latest post, he cooks a rustic meal that is partially forged from wild discoveries from his hike in the woods. With dinner on their minds, he and his wife are inspired to gather a large bounty of different varieties of mushrooms. The natural and vivid flavors of the mushrooms combine well with the wild flavor of venison in his latest dish.
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Honey Maple Almond Bars
In the mood for sweet instead of savory? Chef Tom shares a special treat from his caboodle of sweet recipes for the home chef. With a crumbly shortbread cookie-style base and a nutty, chewy-caramel topping, this recipe is a decadently delicious delight. Plus, you’ll have plenty of these goodies to share!
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Inspired by the neighborly gift of a warm loaf of bread, Chef Tom searched "The Fallingwater Cookbook" for a recipe to complement the loaf to serve on a particularly warm late spring evening. In this post he shares his find: tangy, cool borscht, which is a classic European soup made of beets and beef broth. It was one of Edgar Kaufmann jr.’s favorite meals.
Read more and get the recipe!