About Fallingwater

One of the 12 landmarks that will change the way you see the world.
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Fallingwater preserves Frank Lloyd Wright's masterpiece, conserves the site for which it was designed, and interprets them and their history for present and future generations.

What is Fallingwater?

Fallingwater was designed in 1935 by renowned American architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Today, the public can visit and tour this iconic symbol of people living in harmony with nature.

Visit Fallingwater

Visitors from around the world have experienced Fallingwater since 1964. Advanced ticket purchase is essential to guarantee admission.

Give to Fallingwater

When you support Fallingwater, you help preserve history while supporting the ongoing education and preservation of one of the best all-time works of American architecture.

Western Pennsylvania Conservancy

Edgar Kaufmann, jr. entrusted Fallingwater to the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy to protect and preserve the house and its contents and natural surroundings for present and future generations.

Contact Us & Staff Directory

Before, during and after your visit, you can contact us to ask questions, buy tickets or give us feedback about your visit.

Iconic Houses

Visit IconicHouses.org to learn more about Fallingwater and other notable modern house museums from around the world. The website is operated by the Iconic Houses Network, of which Fallingwater is a founding member.

In-kind Charitable Contributions

Requests for in-kind contributions can be made here. See if your organization is eligible.