Fallingwater preserves Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpiece, conserves the site for which it was designed, and interprets them and their history for present and future generations of the world community.

In pursuing its work, Fallingwater demonstrates leadership and creativity, engages the public, and celebrates the power of design in harmony with nature.  Its approach is collaborative and it meets the highest recognized standards of museum and preservation practices.  – Adopted May 22, 2006

Fallingwater Advisory Committee

The Fallingwater Advisory Committee is made up of private individuals committed to the preservation of Fallingwater. Collectively, committee members possess extensive knowledge of Frank Lloyd Wright, Fallingwater, and the Kaufmann family, and broad expertise in the fields of architecture, architectural history, historic preservation, landscape design and preservation, ecology, museum practice and management, law and philanthropy.

Members of the Advisory Committee serve as avenues of communication between the professional communities of which they are members and Fallingwater and the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy. In this role they seek to insure that the preservation and interpretation of the property is informed by the best current thinking in the relevant disciplines and that Fallingwater and the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy’s stewardship of it are presented accurately and positively in those professional fields.

The Advisory Committee and its members have no governance or fiduciary responsibilities though their advice may be solicited on matters related to these responsibilities.

Fallingwater Advisory Committee of the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy

David Barensfeld
Linda McKenna Boxx
Michael D. Cheteyan, II
Carrie S. Cox
David G. De Long*
Steven G. Elliott
Christopher Fromboluti
Felix Fukui
Anthony Wolf Greenberg
Austin Hill
Henry Phipps Hoffstot, III
Donna Holdorf
William Kolano
H. Lewis Lobdell
Richard Longstreth
Kilolo Luckett
Dennis McFadden
Jack H. Millstein, Jr.
Leslie Nutting
Max Protetch
Aldo Radoczy
Toby Smith
Alexander C. Speyer, III
Michael Strueber
Safina Uberoi
Lynda S. Waggoner**
Marigil M. Walsh, ASID

*Member Emeritus
**Director Emerita


Debra Dermody